DongPhuong - Premium Window & Door

DongPhuong - Premium Window & Door

DongPhuong - Premium Window & Door

CTT210 Lift - Sliding door (Triple rails)

• CIVRO CTT210 lift - sliding system is a heavy lift - sliding series with triple rails.

• Cooperating the outer rail with stainless steel screen can achieve many functions like anti - bug, anti - burglar, etc.

• The reinforcing structure between sash guaranteed the stability of closing and opening.

• Thanks to the particular draining technology, tightness has been significantly improved.

• The advanced hook - locking technology provides better performance for anti - burglar and aesthetics.

• The maximum load increased to 400Kg per sash. That will be suitable for ample opening demand, offers superior visual enjoyment.

• Any arrangements of opening ways is available for products less than 6 parts, and meet more designing demands from customers.












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